Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner

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As I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner fights dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, improves scalp moisture, increases hair moisture after one application, and improves detangling of your curls.


For anyone who’s ever suffered from dandruff and an itchy scalp, you know how uncomfortable these conditions can be. As I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner fights and prevents dandruff.

I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner formulated with olive and tea tree oil. Researchers found that olive oil helps reduce dryness and frizz in hair. In addition, it includes a high concentration of vitamins A and E, which preserve hair keratin and assist in its ability to retain moisture. Natural anti-aging antioxidants and moisturizing squalene found in olive oil help restore hair strength and shine, making it an excellent choice for hair care. Burns to the scalp, small cuts, and open wounds are all common uses for this product. To cure dandruff and dry scalp, olive oil may be used in combination with essential oils and other oils. In the long run, hot oil treatments with olive oil reduce hair breakage by making it easier to handle. The complete article may be seen here.

Your hair’s transformation begins at the scalp with the use of tea tree oil. In addition to its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities, it is an effective dandruff therapy. Scalp health should be the first step in an effort to boost hair growth since healthy hair and new hair development begin at the scalp. Click here for more information.

This conditioner is formulated to soothe dry scalps and leave your hair looking and feeling fantastic. We’ve even worked in a little extra magic—this conditioner is infused with olive oil, which leaves your hair soft and shiny. Plus, it’s infused with tea tree oil, which helps treat dandruff by soothing the scalp, reducing itching, and removing dead skin cells.

Now you can let your hair down without worrying about embarrassing flakes or an itchy scalp!

For best results, follow with Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Oil Treatment.


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