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Vatika Afro Naturals Co-Wash is a hair cleansing product. Repairs the stand damage and helps retain by naturally moisturizing.


Vatika Afro Naturals Co-Wash, is a gentle cleanser with the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and protein that aids in locking in moisture, repairing damage, and helps prevent dryness naturally as you co-wash.

Not only does this product offer a luxurious cleansing experience for all types of hair, without over stripping natural oils or drying out your scalp but it also helps retain wash day moisture for your hair’s maximum health!

This lightweight, daily moisturizing mist for natural hair that is made with Coconut oil and Shea Butter, repairs damage and helps prevent breakage.

It cleanses the scalp, leaving your hair feeling soft and moisturized.

This product is formulated with premium ingredients that are gentle enough to use on your sensitive scalp and hair, yet strong enough to remove build-up, moisturize and repair the damage.

It is ideal for daily use on coated and dry scalp and hair.

Vatika Afro Naturals Shea Butter & Coconut Oil is a silky, creamy co-wash that gently cleanses hair without removing leave-in conditioners or oils.

Pure shea butter and coconut oil aid in detangling while shea butter provides intense hydration and repair to damaged strands.

It’s perfect for daily use, especially on relaxed/colored hair.

With these components, the product provides significant benefits to the scalp and hair.

And if you want to know more about it, you can directly in by just clicking shea butter and coconut oil.

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Vatika Afro Naturals

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