Growth Protection Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse

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African Pride Black Castor Oil Miracle Growth Protection Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse gently cleanses and conditions hair, edges, and scalp during braided styles and under weaves without causing frizz.

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African Pride Black Castor Miracle Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse gently detoxes & conditions hair, edges & scalp during braided styles & under weaves. 

This rinse also calms itching and reduces frizz leaving hair refreshed and styles lasting while it provides a rich lather. Coconut oil and peppermint oil’s natural hydrator qualities penetrate to restore softness & shine leaving the scalp clean, refreshed, and healthy. 

This deep cleansing shampoo also removes any build-up from styling products that can cause build-up on the scalp that leads to inflammation and itchiness or flaking – leaving you with a healthy scalp regular use. 

Micellar water is a multi-purpose skincare product that is popular among dermatologists and beauty gurus alike.

Purified water, moisturizers like glycerin, and mild surfactants, which are washing ingredients, are used to make it.

Micelles, a type of spherical chemical structure that helps draw dirt and oil from the skin, are formed when the molecules of these mild surfactants combine together.

Coconut oil and black castor oil are natural components that have been shown to give your hair the healthy benefits it requires!

The repair of damaged and harsh hair is one of the key benefits of black castor oil for hair. Hair gets dry and harsh when it is deprived of the nutrients and moisture it needs, resulting in split ends and breaking. Click here. to discover more about black castor oil for hair.

Clogged pores are cleansed and cuticles are opened as a result of the higher pH, resulting in enhanced hair growth and thickness. Blood circulation, hair loss prevention, hair development, and hair strength can all be aided by applying black castor oil to the scalp.

This 2-in-1 rinse deeply penetrates hair cuticles, dissolves sebum, removes buildup from styling products, and seeps deep into the scalp to give you bold, defined, and healthy hair.

Use the Extra Hold Braid/Loc & Twist Gel to add some extra flair to your hairstyle!


African Pride

Black Castor Oil Miracle

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