Hair & Cond (MHD)

AED  20

Motion Hair & Cond (MHD) is a blend of shea butter & honey that moisturizes & nourishes your hair to create a healthy, vibrant sheen.


All your hair will ever need! Herewith Motion Hair & Cond (MHD).

This nourishing blend of shea butter & honey moisturizes and strengthens to create a healthy, vibrant sheen. Pure plant extracts help seal in moisture.

By harnessing the power of magnetic technology, Motion Hair & Cond (MHD) allows you to effortlessly glide your clipper over wet hair for a completely dry, smooth, and undetectable finish.

This hydrating formula deeply hydrates your scalp with soothing moisturizers to strengthen and fortify damaged hair.

A blend of natural and certified organic ingredients moisturizes and nourishes your hair to create a healthy, vibrant sheen.

Use this versatile cream on dry or wet hair to tame frizz, protect against heat damage, promote elasticity & shine, and help fight damage from chemical treatments.

Get the moisture treatment you need with this lightweight and non-greasy formula. Ideal for dry, brittle, or frizzy hair, this formula helps to restore softness and shine to your hair. Best of all, it’s great for all hair types!

Our gentle moisturizers, specifically designed for Hair & Conditioner, calm your hair and provide a smooth finish, while our styling products provide strong control to hold your style in place all day.

This unique formula contains no sulfates and combines gentle moisturizers with smooth, silky protection to deliver sleek hair that lasts longer.

Flexible hairstyles are possible with this lightweight cream, which provides a protective layer without weighing hair down.

A leave-in conditioner that deeply hydrates your scalp with soothing moisturizers. It contains hydrating elements like honey and shea butter that keep hair nourished.

Additional knowledge about honey can be found and read by just clicking honey.

This lightweight formula works to help protect your hair from heat styling damage, leaving it soft and manageable.

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