Deep Conditioning Masque

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Vatika Afro Naturals Deep Conditioning Masque is a deep conditioning intensive therapy for all hair textures and types – For dry brittle, stressed, and damaged hair, breakage, tangles, frizz, elasticity restoration, hair loss prevention, and hair growth.


Completely transform the health of your hair with Vatika Afro Naturals Deep Conditioning Masque.

This product is ideal for those that want to repair and reconstruct their hair, it also is a great way to add a burst of shine to your natural hair.

The formula contains avocado oil, shea butter, and coconut oil along with other nutrients to penetrate deep into the scalp encouraging growth from within.

While this product does not have any harmful chemicals or toxins, it does contain parabens for preservation purposes so do not use it if you have an allergic reaction to parabens.

Though the idea of a deep conditioning masque may sound luxurious, experts say that it is not an essential part of your hair care routine.

According to NYC-based celebrity stylist Damon Hill, “You can do a really good job with deep conditioners that you leave on for longer than a regular conditioner should be left on.

” If applying the product at home, he recommends rubbing it through your damp strands with your hands before putting on a shower cap and wrapping your hair in a warm towel.

That’s a great view about doing this masque. For more information click here.

A double dose of goodness for every strand, Afro Naturals Deep Conditioning Masque is a nourishing blend of natural oils, vitamin E, and other hair-loving ingredients.

Enriched with argan oil and Indian gooseberry, this powerful masque works to deeply soften and strengthen the hair shaft.

For ultimate moisturizing power, enjoy it as a weekly treatment or use it daily when suffering from damaged tresses for yours.

This product is best with Aloe & Mint Recipe Flawless Pattern Perfecting Pudding.


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