Jansyn’s Moisture Max Conditioner

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Camille Rose Jansyn’s Moisture Max Conditioner this vitamin-rich conditioner strengthens hair and regenerates cells for growth. Exotic oils improve shine, detangle, and prevent split ends. Hair color and chemical treatments are compatible. A cocoa-aromatic moisturizing conditioner formulated to reduce split ends and frizz.


Jansyn’s Moisture Max Conditioner

Do you know that sweet scent you get when you crack open a coconut? That’s what our Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera, and Argan Oil Moisture Max Conditioner smell like. And then you’ll notice the moisturizing properties that come from the Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera, as well as the smoothing and softening power of our Argan Oil. That’s just the beginning of what makes this product amazing. Click here to read more information about the benefits of aloe vera to your hair.

It also contains:

-A super-sustainable soybean oil blend

-Already-sliced avocado for easy application

-Activated charcoal to remove all traces of pesky dirt and grime, leaving behind nothing but pure, silky hair

These products are made with your health in mind, so they’re vegan, organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and most importantly, they work! You’ll see results after just one use!

The first step to revitalizing your locks is to apply the conditioner to your strands while they are still damp. The second step is to style! If you have swirls, feel free to use a comb or brush to bring them out as you normally would. If you have curly hair, don’t worry! This conditioner can be used on any type of curl. Start by scrunching it into your curls with your hands until they are completely saturated. You’ll want to make sure that every curl has been properly covered so that there are no gaps where moisture could be escaping from. Then, go through and smooth them out using a wide-tooth comb or even a bristle brush.

Jansen’s Moisture Max Conditioner is made with the highest-quality ingredients that will give you the healthiest hair possible. It’s even formulated with Grapeseed Oil, which increases blood flow and circulation of the scalp for stronger, longer hair.

You can also use this with Curl Love Moisture Milk for the best results.


Camille Rose

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