MCS 13 Lavish Conditioning Shampoo

AED  20

Motion MCS 13 Lavish Conditioning Shampoo helps seal vital nourishment and stops the cycle of hair dehydration. For hair that feels moisturized, luxuriously smooth, and soft. An excellent solution to help nourish hair and restore dry, damaged hair textures.


Excellent and highly concentrated with powerful chemicals that clean without drying out your hair.

The light mix includes moisturizers that will leave your hair clean and fresh.

MCS 13 Lavish Conditioning Shampoo restores hair’s natural shine and keeps it smooth, manageable, and healthy.

It conditions and protects hair while adding shine with vitamin E and Shea butter.

MCS 13 Lavish Conditioning Shampoo, known for its high value and quality, is a daily hair care product that will give your hair the greatest results imaginable.

It facilitates detangling by gently eliminating knots and tangles from medium-to-coarse textured hair.

Reduces scalp inflammation, irritation, and flaking. Helps to restore the scalp’s natural balance and improve hair texture over time. Color-treated hair can use this product because it is made with safe chemicals.

This one-of-a-kind formulation can also be used as a face washing shampoo for oily or acne-prone skin.

And these are some of the top shea butter advantages for hair and scalp.

You may get into it by just clicking shea butter, which will take you to a piece of information on it.

MCS 13 and you both adore your hair. This sumptuous shampoo contains Silk and Keratin proteins, as well as a nourishing vitamin blend, to help maintain hair strong, healthy, and lustrous.

This MCS 13 Lavish Conditioning Shampoo is free of parabens and harsh sulfates that can strip hair of its natural oils and is gentle on wild manes while preserving color-treated tresses from fading, leaving strands rich, shiny, and gorgeous in no time.

This product is best with MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion.



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