MHSC 10 Hair & Scalp

AED  20

Motions MHSC 10 Hair & Scalp restores lost moisture and improves texture, manageability, and adds shine. There is less breakage during styling and fewer split ends and frizzes. For the best and fast effect that might excite you, daily use this for the improves that hair’s ability to hold a style.


Beautifully crafted for the health, strength, and beauty of your hair and scalp.

Motion is powered by the same natural botanical mix that has made it the industry standard. It also has a refreshing scent to make caring for your hair and scalp easier than ever.

Revitalize your hair with Motions MHSC 10 Hair & Scalp. This gentle and effective sulfate-free shampoo features a vitamin complex to help reinvigorate limp, lifeless, and fragile hair.

It gives you bounce, body, and amazing shine – all in one bottle.

The new look, the new fragrance of Motion’s sulfate-free formula means that your hair can feel clean and soft without the build-up of chemicals that matter in other shampoos.

This luxurious cream contains restorative oils and moisturizers to soothe your scalp and moisten dryness.

Loaded with essential oils that benefit both hair and scalp, this formula offers anti-aging benefits for soft, beautiful strands from root to tip.

Provides you with a piece of additional information about the essential oil by just clicking essential oil.

Moisturizing Scalp Cream – Motions MHSC 10 Hair & Scalp treatment helps stimulate hair growth and improve conditions related to inflammation or poor blood flow to the scalp with the use of Motion’s patented ingredient.

This is a condition-specific moisturizing cream that provides a nurturing environment for healthier-looking hair.

It visibly helps improve the texture, thickness, and overall appearance of thinning hair, especially in areas of high hair loss.

This product is best with MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion.



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