MMP 80 Moisture Plus Conditioner

AED  63

Motions MMP 80 Moisture Plus Conditioner nourishes hair and leaves it soft, shiny, and more manageable. Get amazing results with this conditioner that helps to improve the quality of your hair.


Let’s start the day by talking about Motions MMP 80 Moisture Plus Conditioner.

And what do the results look like? Your hair will feel soft, silky, and healthy after each use.

It can be hard to find a good product to moisturize dry hair.

We frequently require something to protect our hair from becoming too thick or greasy while yet providing it with the moisture it requires.

This is great with the help of Motions MMP 80 Moisture Plus Conditioner.

The conditioner’s advanced formula keeps hair moist and helps protect it from damage caused by humidity.

Moisture Plus Conditioner will keep your hair healthy and strong even if chemicals have hurt or dried out your hair.

This formula repair strengthens and protects hair that has been damaged by chemicals. It gets into the cuticle of each hair strand to help repair and strengthen it.

The result is hair that looks shiny, healthy, and full, and that moves and bounces.

Panthenol is a deep-penetrating moisturizer that is in every hair strand. It keeps the hair and scalp very moist.

The MMP 80 Moisture Plus Conditioner keeps hair soft, shiny, and easy to manage by locking in deep moisture. This protects hair from damage caused by the sun, wind, or excessive styling.

It dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind any residue, making it easy to comb out tangles after shampooing.

Motions MMP 80 Moisture Plus Conditioner is made for hair that has a lot of different textures. It keeps hair from drying out by hydrating it and making it even moister.

Our formula gets deep into the cuticle to stop itching and gives damaged hair and scalp a lot of moisture.

And it makes hair that is the rough and broken look and feels healthier and softer.

As a result, this product is best with MCS 32 Lavish Conditioning Shampoo.



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