MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner

AED  18

Motions MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner is a deep penetrating silk protein conditioner that provides moisturization deep within the cuticle to repair dry, damaged hair.


With MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner, you can fix up your hair.

The rich formula gets deep into the cuticle to moisturize and repair dry, damaged hair.

This loss of protein moisture is one of the main reasons why hair gets dry and damaged.

The MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner gives dry, damaged hair the moisture it needs deep inside the cuticle.

With a mix of argan oil, shea butter, and panthenol, this moisturizing conditioner strengthens, repairs, and restores the silkiness of damaged hair that needs extra care.

The leaves are soft, easy to handle and look healthy.

The high-performance silicone conditioner gets deep into the hair to restore moisture balance within the cuticle. This gives you a full body and bounce that lasts between shampoos.

This new formula gets deep into the hair shaft to restore softness and shine, making styling easier and hair look healthier.

With MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner, you can give your hair new life. This conditioner is full of proteins that help repair and strengthen damaged hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and easy to manage.

It is made with hydrolyzed silk, which is a natural moisturizer that can get deep into the hair cuticle to smooth roughness, and collagen, which helps strengthen and give elasticity to the hair.

Our MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner is made to help fix hair that has been damaged by chemicals.

This product is great for conditioning the hair after using a relaxer. It gently nourishes the hair and smooths the cuticle.

Protein makes hair stronger and more flexible. This makes your hair look better.

This conditioner has our own MMSC 15 Protein Conditioner, which helps make the hair’s cortex structure more elastic and flexible.

Plus, it feels very smooth and leaves your hair shiny and easy to work with without any buildup or residue.

As a result, this product is best with MMRR 15 Oil Moisture Relaxer.



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