MPCR 15 CPR Protein Reconstructor

AED  12

Motions MPCR 15 CPR Protein Reconstructor is a leave-in conditioner. Ideal for dry, brittle, relaxed, natural or color-treated hair. Repairs, rebuilds, strengthens and conditions hair for improved health. Contains strength enhancing proteins, split end mender, emollients and humectants.


Give your hair the nourishing rebuild it needs with this Protein Reconstructor.

Designed to deliver intense moisture and protein to restore dry, damaged, brittle hair.

Ideal for dry, brittle, relaxed, natural, or color-treated hair.

With this Protein Reconstructor, you can help your hair get the nutrients it needs to grow back stronger.

Designed to restore dry, damaged, and brittle hair by giving it a lot of moisture and protein.

The Motion MPCR 15 Cpr Protein Reconstructor is a protein treatment that can be used to rebuild and repair damaged hair.

Micro-filtered and ultra-filtered whey proteins improve hair’s strength, integrity, and suppleness.

With the Motion’s MPCR 15 CPR Protein Reconstructor, you can keep your hair moist and fix any damage it has.

This conditioner is full of moisture and has a mix of protein and ceramides that help strengthen hair and keep it from breaking.

Motions MPCR 15 CPR Protein Reconstructor is a unique, corrective protein reconstruction.

It fixes, rebuilds, strengthens and takes care of hair to make it healthier.

Its formula has a new generation of proteins that stick to the hair shaft and form a protective layer on the outside of each strand.

This layer gets deep into the hair shaft and fixes damage all the way to the core.

High-quality proteins go into the construction of this protein reconstructor, which is meant to restore and strengthen hair.

In addition to strengthening the hair follicles, this product is also designed to make the hair more flexible.

Hair that is damaged or unhealthy can benefit from using this protein reconstructor.

It has proteins that make hair stronger, a split-end healer, emollients, and humectants that give hair a protective barrier and make combing and brushing less painful.

As a result, this product is great with MMSC 15 Silk Protein Conditioner.



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