MWDC 60051 Weightless Conditioner

AED  17

Motions MWDC 60051 Weightless Conditioner is ideal for pumping up fine-to-medium textured hair or fragile hair. It helps condition the hair against breakage, or damage.



In search of a quick and easy technique to style your hair? After its initial release, this is how Motions MWDC 60051 Weightless Conditioner looked.

Many people who have tried this product in the past have had positive experiences with it.

Within days, many consumers claimed that this conditioner made their hair shinier and more healthy.

To restore your hair’s natural moisture balance, Motion’s Weightless Conditioners contain super-hydrating ingredients.

In light solutions that are easy to apply, Vitamin C detangles hair and protects it from damage.

Remove the conditioner from the room. Next-generation hair conditioner Motions MWDC 60051 Weightless Conditioner is. This is a must-have product, whether you’re using heat or chemicals to style your hair.

Hair is protected from UV rays, free radical damage is repaired, and shine is improved thanks to the conditioner’s ability to aid in the production of collagen.

Soft and silky, it protects colored hair from fading.

With our Weightless Conditioner, you can hydrate and add shine to your hair all in one.

Added shine and protection from free radical damage are provided by the antioxidant Ascorbic Acid in this conditioner. Ascorbic Acid also aids in the production of collagen in the hair, which keeps it looking youthful and healthy.

You’ll feel like a feather after applying our unique recipe. Because of its lightweight, it doesn’t burden your hair with unnecessary residue.

Ascorbic Acid is a good place to start if you’re looking for additional benefits.

Motions Weightless Conditioner was created to give hair a lift when other conditioner shampoos weigh it down.

Your hair will be lustrous and manageable after using this light, quick-absorbing product. You’ll be comfortable wearing your hair with increased elasticity, strength, and precision.

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