Soothe Operator Macadamia & Mint Dry Scalp Masque

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Aunt Jackie’s Soothe Operator Macadamia & Mint Dry Scalp Masque is free of drying alcohols that rob hair of moisture, and mineral oil & petrolatum that can clog pores and weigh hair down. Excellent moisture and conditioning therapy for all hair types and textures.


Whether hair is coarse or fine, curly or straight, ethnic or otherwise, the one thing all types of hair have in common is that they need a healthy scalp to grow and be strong. What’s more, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. It’s important to treat the area under your hair with as much care and attention as you do the strands on top of it—and we don’t just mean when you’re lathering up in the shower; we mean every day.

That’s why Aunt Jackie’s Soothe Operator Macadamia & Mint Dry Scalp Masque is here! We believe that by making sure your scalp stays hydrated at all times, you can make sure your hair has what it needs to grow long and strong. This masque is packed full of penetrating, soothing ingredients like mint and aloe vera. It also includes nutrient-rich oils like macadamia oil that are known to mega hydrate and nourish both hair and scalp.

This buttery conditioning masque is free from drying alcohols that can rob your hair of moisture, as well as mineral oil and petrolatum (which can clog pores) or weigh your hair down. With Soothe Operator Macadamia & Mint Dry Scalp Masque, you can feel that there is no other hair masque when it comes to managing dry scalp. The jojoba oil within this hair masque has antibacterial and antioxidant properties and is also known for promoting hair growth and reducing split ends. The Mongongo oil helps to fortify, protect and reduce frizz in hair and provides natural UV protection. The Macadamia oil strengthens, smoothes, and moisturizes the hair and is one of the main ingredients that treat dry scalp. Read more information here.

Oh yeah—and Aunt Jackie’s products are animal cruelty-free. So you can feel good about helping yourself… while helping others!



  • Soothes dry scalp
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Packed with mint, Aloe, Macadamia, jojoba, and mongongo oils
  • Protects and softens hair

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