MRR 15 Relaxer Jar

AED  75

Motions MRR 15 Relaxer Jar has the availability of regular and super strength that has a natural humectant. This product is specially developed for fine hair, hair that is easy to relax, and sensitive scalp. The hair becomes silky soft.


Motions MRR 15 Relaxer Jar features a large opening for easy application and spinning.

The ergonomic handle and beveled side make it suitable for newcomers to relax their hair.

The Motions MRR-15 Relaxer Jar was designed for coarse hair textures and thick, heavy strands.

This formula gives a smoother and more manageable look to natural hair.

It helps to reduce breakage, making it easier to comb through your new growth when your relaxer straightens your hair.

This classic formula from Motions relaxes natural hair well and requires less processing than other chemical relaxers.

Customers say it’s simple to use and leaves their hair feeling strong and healthy.

Motion’s MRR 15 Relaxer Jar helps the hair to condition while it is straightened.

In the jar of relaxer, you are holding a formula that leaves your hair silky soft, and smooth throughout the whole service.

Our MRR 15 Relaxer Jar is enriched with natural humectants that help restore the hair’s moisture balance and leave it looking smooth, silky, and luxurious.

Designed for use with all skin types and textures, this creamy formula provides a gentle hold for lasting style with a flexible touch.

Motion’s MRR 15 Relaxer Jar provides you with the most complete solution to the impact of weather on your hair.

Shea Butter, in which it moisturizes, softens and protects hair, as well as provides shine and volume.

It is probably great dealing with shea butter in hair and scalp. If you had been bothered about other benefits of it, just click here.

Also contains Glycerin and Mineral Oil to create extra shine, and volume and protect your hair from further drying out due to exposure to harmful weather conditions.

Motions MRR 15 Relaxer Jar is available in regular and super.

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