Relaxer Kit

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Motions Relaxer Kit are available in the regular and super system in which it protects the hair and conditions to be in relaxing.

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Bring your hair back to life before the color treatment. Pre-treatment conditioner is included to nourish and soften your hair.

After the treatment, the shampoo will keep your hair from drying out, allowing your color to last longer.

We are here for you, our Pre-Treatment Conditioner will help prepare your hair for the hair relaxing process.

Our Relaxer Kit is everything you need for a relaxing and painless treatment.

Protect your hair from breakage and dryness while achieving a new level of softness, shine, and beauty with this complete package that includes a moisturizer, conditioner, and relaxer.

Use the Relaxing Shampoo to gently cleanse chemically-treated hair.

Apply the Moisturizing Conditioner to detangle hair and help retain moisture.

Finally, apply the Relaxer Cream to achieve smoothness without losing definition or body.

It coats each strand with nourishing oils while keeping hair soft and manageable.

The Motions Relaxer Kit is a must-have for all women who frequently use heat on their hair.

This three-step system works to gently cleanse hair with relaxer, seal cuticles, and help repair the damage.

The Relaxer Remedy has been formulated to reduce the breakage that can be associated with high levels of hydration.

Our Motion’s Relaxer Kit contains all of the essential oils like coconut oil and products you need to manage a dry, itchy scalp and accompanying dandruff.

Whether you are seeking relief from the effects of hair dye, relaxers, or aging hair issues, we have created this set as an introduction to our most popular oils used in conjunction with each other.

It is also ideal for anyone who is looking for a simple “kit” to manage dandruff while they transition away from chemical styling products because it includes everything you need

As a result, this product is great with MPCR 15 CPR Protein Reconstructor.



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