MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion

AED  24

Motions MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion is formulated for wrapping and setting, this styling lotion gives the hair hold, without all the stiffness or over-drying.


Time for a new way to style your hair? With Motions MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion, you’ll be wrapped up in nothing but great-looking, natural-feeling curls.

Its lathering formula helps remove tangles from hair before styling and leaves strands soft and full of movement.

Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion is a lightweight foam that instantly detangles and moisturizes your hair, preparing it for perfect styling.

Formulated with aloe vera, this paraben-free moisturizing lotion creates a protective shield around each strand and leaves your hair soft, manageable, and beautiful.

Motion’s MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion is a thick, luxurious creme that creates a protective barrier between the skin and wraps to seal in moisture.

This specially formulated lotion reduces drying time, eliminates peeling and itching after wrapping, and reduces bruising or bleeding while retarding post-treatment swelling.

The Motion’s MFWL Foaming Wrap Lotion gives you control over your style. This styling lotion gives the hair hold and a shiny finish that leaves hair manageable.

The natural ingredients in this product will leave your hair feeling healthy and moisturized so you can get out of bed feeling refreshed.

Enjoy all the benefits of the Foaming Wrap Lotion without all the stiffness or over-drying. This unique formula will leave your hair feeling refreshed and moisturized.

This foaming wrap lotion infuses the hair with moisture, keeping the scalp and strands calm and balanced.

Panthenol helps improve skin elasticity, and emollient properties help smooth hair strands and promote suppleness while strengthening agent conditions the follicles.

A rich blend of essential oils enhances the product’s effectiveness on a cellular level while caring fragrances rejuvenate the senses.

This product is best with MCPS 16 Treatment Shampoo.



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