MMES 16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray

AED  18

Motions MMES 16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray has protein nourishment and shine protection. This also has a feather-light formula that reduces frizz while moisturizers add suppleness and shine.


Your hair will be soft and shiny after washing with our Moisturizing Mousse for Extra Oil Sheen.

You will instantly see a reduction in frizz, flyaways, and static and an improvement in manageability.

The special blend of moisturizers leaves your hair feeling silky and smelling fresh!

100% contains absolutely no animal products or byproducts.

Our Motions MMES 16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray moisturizes hair for improved manageability and shine.

This lightweight composition is great for chemically-treated hair or styling.

Premixed and ready to use, MMES16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray is the perfect way to add a healthy shine and protect the integrity of your hair.

With a light formula and no build-up, you can use this daily on your favorite hair care products to give your hair that extra oil sheen without weighing it down.

The spray locks in moisture for easier brushing and less damage.

Motions MMES 16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray moisturizes the skin and hair with a silky protective coating that provides shine without stickiness.

The formula helps prevent breakage, split ends, and excessive dryness in damaged hair.

It is ideal for dry or chemically treated hair and is non-greasy allowing you to brush right after spraying.

Moisture, shine, and protection for your hair with MMES 16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray.

This product is enriched with real flower petals and natural oil extracts, including olive, sunflower, argan, and coconut oils.

This spray delivers lasting hydration that lasts all day.

Get messy out of your hair, without the mess!

Our exclusive 16 Extra Oil Sheen Spray is designed to smooth and shine while you style, blow dry or flat iron.

You can also use it as an after-wash conditioner for a soft feel that won’t weigh your hair down. It’s perfect for all types of hair.

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