Sweet Honey Hair Milk

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TGIN Sweet Honey Hair Milk is infused with raw honey and agave nectar, this lightweight hair milk has the perfect combination of moisture and antioxidants, to help condition and detangle overworked kinky, curly and wavy tresses.

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Your curls have been through a lot. They’ve been stretched, styled, and manipulated in a million different ways. But you’re here to make it right again, and we’re here to help. TGIN Sweet Honey Hair Milk is made from raw honey and agave nectar, so your curls can get the moisture they need without feeling weighed down. It’s light enough for fine hair, but strong enough for thick hair that’s been over-processed. And if you thought that sounded like exactly what you wanted… well, let us tell you about the antioxidants that are hiding out in there too. They’ll keep your hair healthy and shiny, no matter how much damage has been done.

Even if you only wash your hair once every few weeks (hey—we don’t judge), our Sweet Honey Hair Milk will make sure your curls are always hydrated and bouncy between washes. And if you get itchy or flakey scalp when you go too long between washes? Our milk will help out with that too!

No matter what your conditioner needs are, our Sweet Honey Hair Milk has got you covered… and then some!

TGIN’s Sweet Honey Hair Milk is a lightweight moisturizing cream that will nourish your hair, prevent tangles, and protect it against breakage.

Whether you’re looking for something to boost the health of your natural, curly hair or a way to make sure your relaxed hair doesn’t get damaged during styling, this is a great choice!

With TGIN Honey Milk, you can protect your hair from damage and split ends without a bunch of bad ingredients.

That’s because this sweet-smelling hair milk is made with natural ingredients like honey and olive oil, which help keep your hair hydrated and promotes curl definition.

This product is perfect for all hair types and textures. It’s a nourishing leave-in conditioner that will help your hair retain moisture without leaving it feeling greasy or weighed down.

You’ll love the way it makes your hair look and smell, and how long it lasts!

Try to use this with Rose Water Smoothing Leave In Conditioner to maximize better results.



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