Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

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Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner is a vitamin-packed moisturizing and strengthening treatment infused with blue-green algae.

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We all want to keep our ends hydrated and healthy, and we hate it when they break. You will surely love the Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner! This deep conditioner is vitamin-packed and moisturizing, helping to strengthen your hair. It’s infused with botanical blue-green algae to stop breakage, shedding, and thinning of hair.

This deep conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth, and even repairs split ends!

This conditioner is the perfect product for anyone who’s looking for a nourishing and intensely moisturizing treatment that will lock in hydration and leave your hair feeling softer and fuller than ever. Made with Mango Butter, this conditioner helps to replenish the moisture balance in your hair, while also providing a protective barrier against further damage from heat or styling tools. Mango Butter’s fatty acids give critical nutrients that boost scalp and hair health, resulting in stronger hair follicles and less breakage. Mango Butter’s protective characteristics make it natural for providing a layer of protection to strands if you colour your hair and want to prevent it from fading. This is also true after using hot instruments such as blow dryers and irons, as well as after chemical treatments. Read more information about the benefits of this ingredient here.

The new Algae Renew Deep Conditioner from Camille Rose will be your hair’s best friend, especially if you’re looking for a growth-stimulating, softening cocktail that works on all hair types and textures. The conditioner is composed of blue-green algae, which is full of nutrients that can aid in the development of healthy hair and scalp. Studies prove that blue-green algae boost hair growth. The proteins in this algae can also reduce hair fall and hair thinning. Click here for more information.

Use with Clean Rinse Moisturizing & Clarifying Shampoo for the ultimate cleanse and revitalization experience!


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