Clean Rinse Moisturizing & Clarifying Shampoo

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Camille Rose Clean Rinse Moisturizing & Clarifying Shampoo is a minty aromatic clarifying cleanser ph-balanced to deliver ultimate cleansing and moisture benefits.



For the happiest scalp you’ve ever had, try the Clean Rinse Moisturizing & Clarifying Shampoo.

If you’ve ever used a clarifying shampoo and found your hair feeling dry and stripped, you might be wary of trying another one. That’s because most clarifying shampoos on the market are made with harsh chemicals that break down oil and product buildup in your hair—but they can also leave behind a layer of residue that feels drying to your scalp.

Camille Rose’s Clean Rinse Clarifying Moisturizing & Shampoo is designed to remove buildup without stripping your hair of its natural moisture, so your tresses feel clean but still soft and bouncy after you rinse. Instead of relying on chemicals that may leave behind residue, this formula is filled with all-natural ingredients like honey and peppermint oil. The honey acts as a humectant, helping to restore the scalp’s natural moisture while the peppermint oil soothes any irritations—and it smells amazing, too!

Honey locks in moisture, keeping hair smooth and conditioned. This makes the hair more manageable and helps to reduce hair fall. This also combats dandruff while reducing scaling, irritation, and hair loss. Honey is also an excellent source of numerous nutrients, which go deep into the roots and feed both the hair and the scalp. More information about this component may be found here.

Peppermint oil, on the other hand, has a nice scent and a tingling sensation that lends itself to use in a variety of hair treatments. According to certain research, this substance also increases hair growth. More information may be found here.

The gentle formula will get rid of hard water minerals, silicone films from products like heat protectants or hairspray (which can be extremely difficult to remove), dead skin cells from the scalp—all without leaving behind an oily residue or weighing down fine hair types. It leaves behind just enough moisture to keep your scalp healthy so you can enjoy life without worrying about the product.

For best results, follow with Algae Renew Deep Conditioner.


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