MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo

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Motions MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo is a pH-balanced shampoo that neutralizes the acidity of hard water, to promote healthier hair and prevent dryness. Gentle enough for daily use, this lathering formula leaves your hair looking, feeling, and smelling great.

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You want your hair to look shiny and beautiful, not dull.

Motions MNS 128 Neutralizing shampoo is a powerful product that delivers smoother and healthier-looking hair.

Motions MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo is a product that your hair needs.

It restores your hair and scalp’s pH balance, making it feel healthier than before.

This shampoo also repairs split ends, preventing future damage.

The ingredients are lightweight so they can penetrate deep into your hair shafts to moisturize them intensely.

Motions MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo is a hair product that neutralizes your hair.

It is now available in the market. Motions MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo will make your hair color stay longer and protect you from chlorine, salt water, wind, and sun damage.

Known as the energizer of the scalp, our MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo contains a citric acid to lower the pH of your hair, which can help improve not only how well your formula functions but also how your hair looks.

Sounds like magic? That’s what we thought too!

And was just one of the citric acid’s benefits, and if you want to know more just click here.

Made specifically to help ease hair transition to natural, the Motion’s MNS 128 Neutralizing Shampoo is made without sulfates and other harsh ingredients.

Its pH-balanced formula gently removes residue left in your hair by chemical treatments, leaving it feeling healthy and soft.

This motion-sensitive shampoo washes out with ease allowing you to maintain a chemical-free hair regimen.

With the MNS Neutralizing Shampoo, you can finally say goodbye to itchy and irritated scalps.

This shampoo will gently clean your hair from styling products, chlorine, and other environmental pollutants without drying out your hair or scalp.

Infused with formulated proteins, it will help in strengthening damaged hair and restore its natural elasticity so that you can have healthier hair day after day.

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