MNS 32 Neutralizing Shampoo

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Motions MNS 32 Neutralizing Shampoo will bring your hair back to life. This product is free of harmful chemicals and sulfate-free, so it’s great for all hair types. Use every time you wash your hair for ultimate moisture replenishment!

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You want your hair to shine and look nice, not look dull.

Motions MNS 32 Neutralizing shampoo is a strong product that can make your hair look smoother and healthier.

Neutralizing Shampoo, which is part of Motions MNS 32, is something that your hair needs.

It brings back the pH balance of your hair and scalp, making it feel healthier than before.

This shampoo also fixes split ends, so they don’t happen again.

Because the ingredients are light, they can get deep into your hair shafts and deeply moisturize them.

The neutralizing shampoo is a hair product that makes your hair less acidic.

Motions MNS 32 Neutralizing Shampoo will help your hair color last longer and protect it from damage caused by chlorine, saltwater, wind, and the sun.

MNS 32 Neutralizing Shampoo contains citric acid, which lowers your hair’s pH. This can assist your formula and hair.

Seems like magic, right? We thought the same thing!

This is just one of the benefits of citric acid. If you want to learn more, click here.

Motion’s MNS 32 Neutralizing Shampoo is made without sulfates and other harsh ingredients so it won’t hurt your hair as you switch to natural hair.

Its pH-balanced formula gently gets rid of chemical treatments that leave residue on your hair, leaving it healthy and soft.

This motion-sensitive shampoo is easy to wash out, so you can keep your hair routine without chemicals.

With the MNS Neutralizing Shampoo, you can finally stop scratching and rubbing your scalp.

This shampoo will gently clean your hair without drying out your hair or scalp of styling products, chlorine, and other environmental pollutants.

It’s full of specially made proteins that will help repair damaged hair and bring back its natural elasticity, so your hair will get healthier every day.

This product is great with MMP 30 Moisture Plus Conditioner.



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