Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse

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Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse is an enlivening hair cleanser with natural ginger and lemon peel notes. Sweet ginger root and lemon extracts infuse the moisturizing water base for an aromatic cleansing experience. This cleanses and softens ritual elixir is made with moisturizing aniseed, cassia, and castor oil droplets.

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We’ve got an exciting announcement: Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse!

This gentle yet effective, moisturizing, and clarifying shampoo is designed to remove dirt, grime, and buildup from your hair. It’s enriched with ginger root extract, which stimulates the scalp and helps to control oil production. The result is stronger hair. Click here to read more information.

The cleansing rinse also includes a blend of essential oils that have traditionally been used for their skin-softening properties. We love this mix because it feels so good on the scalp and hair, but we purposefully left out fragrance oil so that you can choose your own scent. We’ve found that mixing in your own essential oil gives the product much more depth and character than just using fragrance oil alone—and you get to have fun customizing it!

This product was specifically developed for curly hair, so you can finally enjoy a deep-cleaning experience without worrying about stripping your curls of moisture. You can enjoy a clean scalp every time you shampoo with this mild cleansing rinse—plus a sweet scent that will make you feel like you’ve been sipping on ginger ale while basking in the sun.

This Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse helps to relieve your dry scalp by providing root to tip moisture and promoting hair growth. This cleansing rinse is a great way to fight dandruff and keep your scalp healthy.

It helps you get your body squeaky clean from the inside out without stripping your skin of essential oils. It features a blend of natural notes of fresh sweet ginger and invigorating lemon peel, so you can relax as it helps relieve muscle aches, too. After all, nothing feels better than post-exercise relaxation!

The Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse features Camille Rose Original Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask for a luxurious experience that leaves you smelling like fresh gingerbread cookies—without the calories! Pour some into your hand (or use our handy pump bottle) and then rub between your palms until lather appears. Then gently massage through your hair from scalp to ends. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask for a silky smooth finish that won’t weigh down your natural texture.

You can also use this with Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment


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