VMCG 12 Light Hold Working Spritz

AED  20

Motions VMCG 12 Light Hold Working Spritz is ideal for all hair types. It has a light, the quick-drying, clear formula helps keep hair in place without stiffness, stickiness, or flaking. Leaves hair soft and touchable with a natural-looking shine. Enriched with Coconut Oil which works to deeply condition, hydrate, and repair your natural hair.


Are you looking for a crystal-clear formula that keeps hair in place yet combs out easily?

We know you are here with Motions VMCG 12 Light Hold Working Spritz to use.

Your long-lasting light hold Spritz can act as a hair spray without any flaking or white residue.

This mild hold spritzer keeps your hairdo in place and healthy all day.

The Motion VMCG 12 Light Hold Working Spritz is ideal for increasing the ability of your hair to hold a style while creating textures and movement.

This product gives a light hold that won’t weigh hair down or create stiffness, stickiness, or flaking.

The working spray can be used on dry hair to add texture and on damp hair to enhance styling.

Our Motion’s VMCG 12 Light Hold Working Spritz is the ultimate daily use styling mist that leaves your hair soft and touchable.

With natural plant extracts that replenishes hair, this working spritz also maintains shine and style throughout the day.

Receive a smooth, salon-quality blowout every time with Motions 12 Light Hold Working Spritz.

This all-in-one spray helps organize and lightly hold the hair in place while eliminating moisture and frizz to ensure lasting style.

This spray helps you hold your blowouts longer.

Protects hair from chemical damage by containing coconut oil. It’ll keep your hair in place for a long time and smell beautiful doing it.

Wheat protein, another component, helps to keep hair soft and silky by sealing it in moisture.

That is just some of the coconut oil, but if you might be bothered by it. you can into it by just clicking Coconut Oil.

The Motion’s VMCG 12 Light Hold Working Spritz is a unique water-based, light-hold hair spray with a quick-drying formula.

This crystal clear formula will keep your hair in place while allowing your style to move naturally with its flexible hold that lasts all day long.

It is easy to use and has an amazing fragrance!

As a great result, also be with MWDC 60051 Weightless Conditioner.



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