AP Miracle Crème Hairdress

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African Pride Dream Kids AP Miracle Crème Hairdress is a smooth creamy feather-light kids blend that combines the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbal Extracts, which have been used for generations to help strengthen and protect hair.


With this African Pride Dream Kids AP Miracle Crème Hairdress, children can have fun without causing scalp irritation.

African Pride Dream Kids AP Miracle Crème Hairdress is a premium hair treatment, formulated by herbalists to promote the healthy growth of hair while restoring texture and shine.

The cream can help strengthen and protect strands from breakage, it also promotes hair growth, as well as protects against environmental factors like pollution and sun damage.

A generous amount of this product will give your hair the nutrients it needs to look smooth and nourished.

It contains a herbal ingredient that totally provides a great effect on hair. Olive oil with the main purpose is to prevent hair from hair loss.

This product is a great choice for children and adults who have been struggling with hair loss due to breakage and dryness.

The Miracle Crème Hairdress makes it easy for you to give your child beautiful, bouncy locks that are healthy and moisturized.

It helps replenish lost oils that make the strands strong, flexible, and healthy while also making them shiny, smooth, and silky. With the great benefits of olive oil, you can have other information about it by clicking here.

African Pride Miracle Crème Hairdress is specially formulated to give sensitive scalps the extra care they need.

This gentle and creamy formula can be used daily and will strengthen and moisturize while avoiding the harsh effects of most commercial shampoos and conditioners.

It is especially beneficial for African-American hair and works great in combination with other African Pride Dream Kids products such as Dream Kids Quick Bounce.


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