Curl Maker Defining Jelly

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Camille Rose Curl Maker Defining Jelly is a sweet defining jelly enriched with smoothing marshmallows and agave extracts.

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Meet the new curl-defining jelly that’s going to change. your. life. Camille Rose Curl Maker Defining Jelly is a smoothing, curl-defining jelly enriched with marshmallow and agave extracts. This defining jelly is formulated with these amazing ingredients:

Marshmallow Root Extract: conditions hair as it soothes, and treats dry skin and scalp—all while delivering an amazing smell! This component can be a hugely beneficial ingredient for promoting proper scalp care by combatting dry scalp and reducing skin inflammation. This also supplies cooling properties, which can help relieve irritated, itchy, or inflamed scalps due to conditions, including dandruff. The mucilage of marshmallow root is great for adhering to hair due to its slippery nature. It is also useful for gently working its way through each strand and detangling and lightly breaking away any difficult knots. Marshmallow root includes lauric acid, a primary fatty acid. Coconut oil is another component that is well-known for its hair health advantages, which include a high concentration of lauric acid. It is also abundant in plant proteins, which helps it to connect with the proteins in the hair to nourish and strengthen strands, increase shine, and potentially promote hair growth. Read here for more details.

Agave Extract: packed with nourishing amino acids, vitamins A, C, and E, iron, and magnesium which are all great for your hair! This is a natural humectant to fight even the frizziest hair for long-lasting curls.

This Curl Maker jelly is infused with Nettle Root to ease and prevent scalp inflammation.

Nettle root is a wild plant that can be found in Europe, Asia and North America. You might have heard of it as Stinging Nettle because if you touch the leaves without gloves, they’ll sting you… but don’t worry! The sting goes away quickly, and the Nettle Root is fine after it’s cooked.

If you love to do wash-n-go styles, you’ll love the Camille Rose Curl Maker Defining Jelly! It makes it simple to do wash-n-go’s, and it helps define your curls.

For beautifully defined and soft curls, layer Curl Maker on top of Curl Love Moisture Milk.


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