Curling Jelly

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As I Am Curling Jelly is ideal for creating high-definition curls and coils that are buoyant and vibrant! Regardless of the length of your hair, your style will be strikingly stunning and will retain its definition for days.

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Every curl is a beautiful, unique thing—and your curls deserve products that help them be the best they can be. As I Am Curling Jelly is here to help you keep your curls looking their absolute best! This curling gel can help you keep your curls looking fresh and defined for days without any of the stickiness of gels or creams. And it’s made with natural ingredients so you know it won’t do any damage to your hair.

With moisturizing ingredients, this curl-enhancing jelly will keep your hair feeling hydrated and loving life.

As I Am Curling Jelly contains coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and apple cider vinegar. Study shows that your hair won’t appear or feel harmed if you apply coconut oil to it, since protein loss is prevented. For the scalp, coconut oil acts as a protective layer as well and the likelihood of dandruff and itching is reduced as a result of this practice. Aloe vera helps to strengthen hair, controls greasy hair, and helps an itchy scalp. According to research, it also protects hair from UV damage and helps in hair growth. Shea Butter helps in repairing damaged hair, prevents hair loss, and soothes dry and itchy scalp. It also treats split ends and breakage and keeps rebel curls in place. See more details here.

According to the study, apple cider vinegar is effective for hair growth. It also helps to rebalance hair and scalp pH levels, smooths hair cuticles, treats dandruff and itchy, dry scalps, and can add natural body and define curls. Read more details here.

All of these natural ingredients are working together to lock in precious moisture as you harmonize your coils. This curling gel reduces shrinkage and enhances stretch, defines curls and coils, and minimizes frizz.

It works great no matter your hair length, so whether you like to wear your hair short or long, your style will be distinctly beautiful all day long.

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