Honey Curls Custard

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TGIN Honey Curls Custard is infused with raw honey and agave nectar, this shine-enhancing curl custard provides a firm frizz-free long-lasting hold for high curl definition while helping restore moisture to the hair.

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With TGIN Honey Curls Custard, you can say goodbye to dry hair and hello to smooth, gorgeous, hydrated curls.

Honey, agave extract, papaya extract, and other natural components are used in this product. Because TGIN products are designed for YOUR hair, they do not contain parabens, phthalates, or have ever been tested on animals.

Honey is an emollient, which means it is a natural moisturizer. As a result, it’s an excellent hair conditioner for smoothing your hair. So, if you want to rediscover your natural texture, honey is the way to go.

Because it’s a natural antioxidant, it helps to keep your scalp healthy and promote hair development. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals, so incorporating it into your hair care routine can help your locks look shinier, feel softer, and be in better overall shape.

Honey stimulates hair follicles by acting as a humectant and having proteins, minerals, and vitamins, preventing hair loss and balding. Learn more about honey benefits for hair here.

Agave nectar is unique in that it contains molecules and chemicals that enable it to draw and hold water considerably better than most hair treatments. This implies that placing it in your hair will help it retain moisture from not only the products you use but also from the water.

Agave can also be used in conjunction with other natural products, fruits, or combinations such as a mask because it is easily spreadable. Another advantage is that your hair will feel like baby hair after use: smooth, clean, and revitalized. Your hair is eating well and looks even better thanks to the moisture saved by the agave.

This shine-enhancing TGIN Honey Curls Custard, infused with raw honey and agave nectar, delivers a firm, frizz-free, long-lasting hold for great curl definition while also helping to restore moisture to the hair!

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