Lavender Crush Defining Gel

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Camille Rose Lavender Crush Defining Gel with coconut, jojoba, and lavender helps define and hold styles longer.

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Now you can get the look of an elaborate updo without all the hassle.

Introducing Camille Rose Lavender Crush Defining Gel, a styling gel infused with real lavender oil that will make your hair feel as amazing as it looks. Just a quick spritz before you get started and you’ll be ready to create any hairstyle you desire: A soft, romantic updo? No problem. A high ponytail with volume? You got it. The perfect bun for your meeting with the Queen of England? Piece of cake.

All it takes is one look at your fantastic hair and you’ll be hooked—just like we were. Click here to read more information.

We always want you to have the sweetest smelling hair possible, so we’re keeping all-natural ingredients in this product as much as possible—no fake scents here! Just pure lavender extract and the fragrance of coconut milk.

-Helps to replenish moisture in dry or damaged locks

-Coconut extract helps lock down moisture in the hair shaft

-Argan oil conditions and moisturizes from within, allowing for healthy growth

If you’re like most women, one of your biggest beauty concerns is finding a product that will make your hair look and feel the way you want it to. And now, with this Camille Rose Lavender Crush Defining Gel, you’ll have just the thing.

The gel is made with jojoba oil, which moisturizes strands and scalp to promote healthy hair growth. It’s also scented with lavender oil—a natural anti-fungal known to speed up the healing process and reduce dandruff in some people who are prone to it.

Lavender is such a fun floral to wear, but it’s hard to find a product that actually holds your style in place. Between the natural droopiness of long-stemmed flowers and their tendency to break apart when you try to tuck them behind your ear, even the most classic lavender look can turn into a hot mess.

You can also use this with Curl Love Moisture Milk


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