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Coiling Your Curls: How to Pick the Right Brush for You

Curly hair is often high-maintenance as it is. Even more than just being a daily grooming routine, you’ll need to keep it healthy by choosing the right brush. Brushing your hair helps transfer the natural oils throughout the strands. It also removes dead skin cells gathering in your scalp.

In this article, we delve into the types of hair brushes that can be game-changers for your curly hair. Let’s look into what’s the right brush for you first.

What Makes a Brush the Right One?

First, choose a brush that has a handle with a good grip. If it is too short, you may have a difficult time brushing your hair. If it’s too thick, you will have an uncomfortable time when you’re detangling the strands of your curly hair. With the right grip, you will be less likely to destroy your curls if you keep pulling it.

Second, brushes should also have bristles suited for curly hair such as boar or nylon. Some hair textures may handle plastic or synthetic materials but curls cannot. If your curly hair is dry, a rough textured bristle may cause more friction. Too much friction can cause your hair to weaken and break.

Third, avoid brushes with those scalp massaging balls at the tip. Having them on the brush may cause more knots and get tangled in the hair. And lastly, brushes with wider spaces in between the bristles can help save your hair from tangled curls. Even if bristles are more spacious, try to look for more sturdy bristles.

Our Picks for the Perfect Brushes for Coiled Locks

tgin Define + Style Detangling Brush

Probably the cheapest curly hairbrush is the tgin Detangling Hairbrush. It has spaces between the bristles and only costs about US$10. It’s very tangle-prone for the hairbrush.

Curl Keeper The Original FLEXY BRUSH For Detangling and Curl Clumping

Curl Keeper Flexy Brush is another good product if you have trouble removing the build-up from taking a shower. It can be used both for wet and dry hair. It is very light in your hands and your wallet, costing US$26.

Rizos Curls Detangling Flexi Brush

Another good product is the Rizos Curls Detangling Hairbrush which costs only $15.99 and helps detangle curls easily. It is best to use it when you shower to detangle your hair while deep-conditioning it.