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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Curly Hair in Humid Weather

  • tonde 
  • 6 min read

Living with curly hair can be a constant battle against the elements. When humidity levels rise, our curls seem to take on a life of their own. Frizzy, undefined locks replace the smooth spirals we work so hard to maintain. But humidity doesn’t have to ruin our hair days. With the right strategies, we can tame those unruly curls and maintain fabulous hair no matter the weather.

What Causes Frizz in Humid Weather?

To understand how to combat humidity, we first need to understand what causes frizz in the first place. Curly hair strands are oval or elliptical rather than round. This shape allows the strands to curl around each other easily. But when moisture is introduced, the hair cuticle opens up. This causes the strands to separate and lose their defined pattern, resulting in frizz.

Humidity directly impacts frizz levels by increasing the moisture in the air. When the humidity is high, there is more moisture available for your hair to absorb. This additional moisture causes the cuticle to lift and the curls to expand, creating rough, frizzy strands instead of smooth spirals.

11 Tips to Control Frizz and Define Curls in Humid Weather

Controlling frizz caused by humidity starts with smart haircare. Follow these tips to maintain your gorgeous curls no matter how muggy it gets:

1. Pick Anti-Frizz Products

Choose shampoos, conditioners, gels, and styling products specifically designed for frizz control. Ingredients like oils and silicones can seal the hair cuticle to prevent moisture absorption and definition loss. Stock up on deep conditioning masks as well – weekly treatments add extra protection.

2. Skip the Sulfates

Sulfate shampoos are notoriously drying for curly hair. The detergents in these products strip away natural oils that help protect hair from moisture. Opt for sulfate-free cleansers to avoid unnecessary dryness and frizz.

3. Wash Less Often

Frequent shampooing can exacerbate frizz by drying out your curls. Try extending the time between washes to retain your hair’s natural moisture balance. Also, rinse with cool water instead of hot to prevent cuticle-lifting.

4. Blot Dry with a Microfiber Towel

Rubbing your hair with a towel stirs up frizz. For smoother results, use a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt to gently blot your curls. Don’t rough up the cuticle by rubbing it back and forth.

5. Try the Plop Method

Plopping is a styling technique where you wrap your curls in a towel or t-shirt after showering. This absorbs excess moisture and encourages your hair to curl up rather than frizz out as it dries.

6. Apply Styling Products to Soaking Wet Hair

Apply your favorite creams or gels to soaking wet hair right after showering. This helps seal in moisture and prevents puffiness.

7. Use Gel for Max Hold

Gel provides a stronger hold against humidity than cream. For high humidity, opt for a thick anti-frizz gel formula like the African Pride Dream Kids Smooth Edges Anti-Frizzy Conditioning Gel
to set your style and block moisture before heading out. Scrunch out any crunch once your hair is 100% dry.

8. Diffuse Upside Down

Diffusing builds volume while drying your curls in their defined state. Do this upside down to lift the roots. Direct airflow down the hair shaft to encourage curl formation and away from your scalp to avoid frizz.

9. Set with Rollers

Rollers provide lasting shape by curling hair around a cylinder as it dries. This smooths the cuticle and prevents frizziness. Opt for flexible foam rollers that won’t leave kinks or crimps.

10. Protect Your Hair at Night

Use a satin pillowcase at night. The slippery fabric won’t cause friction that can stir up frizz while you sleep. For more protection, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or sleep in a loose pineapple.

11. It’s Okay to Accept the Volume

Some frizz is inevitable on humid days. Rather than fighting it, embrace the added volume moisture brings. Work with your hair’s natural tendencies using volumizing products and cuts with textured layers. Ultimately, learning to love your curls is the best frizz-fighting weapon.

Protective Hairstyles In Humid Weather for Every Type of Curls

Type 3A

Beach Waves

For loosely curled 3A hair, create effortless beach waves. Use a salt spray for texture and mousse for flexible hold. Define the S-shaped pattern with your fingers instead of brushing to avoid frizz.

Type 3B

Half-Up Style:

Pull back the top section of 3B curls into a loose half updo, leaving the bottom layer down. This helps control frizz along the hairline and crown while allowing the ends to curl naturally.

Type 3C

Twist Out

Two-strand twists are ideal for defining shrink-prone 3C curls. Twist hair while wet then let dry completely. Gently separate twists into soft, elongated curls that won’t frizz out.

Type 4A

Top Knot

Pull 4A curls up into a top knot bun and leave out a few curly pieces in the front to frame your face to prevent frizzing. This also protects ends from moisture exposure.

Type 4B

Braid Out

Braid hair in neat plaits while wet then unravel into voluminous, non-frizzy curls after fully air drying.

Type 4C

Head Wrap Over Gentle Braids

There are not many choices available for 4C types in humid weather. Tie fabric over gently braided or twisted hair for a polished, frizz-free yet funky look.

Must-Have Curly Hair Products and Accessories While Going Out in Humid Weather

Keep the following stuff in your handbag while going out in the humid weather so that you can keep your hair from frizzing up in a non-messy way.

Headscarves and Wraps

Headscarves made of smooth, moisture-wicking fabrics like silk or satin are your best friend on humid days. Wrap hair up to protect styling and control flyaways.

Hair Clips

Use bobby pins, spin pins, or hair claws to quickly clip back frizzy sections or strands that won’t stay put.

Mini Battery-Powered Fan

A compact handheld fan helps fight frizz by blowing air to quickly dry moisture before it’s absorbed by the hair. Damp strands won’t frizz and expand as easily.

Anti-Frizz Styling Spray

Keep travel sizes of your favorite anti-humidity styling sprays and creams on hand. Mist onto frizzy areas or smooth over strands as needed.

Curl Defining Gel

Carry a mini gel or custard you can quickly apply to frizzy sections to smooth and define curls on the go.

Maintaining Curly Hair in Humid Summers Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

With the right curly hair care routine, you can rock flawless curls in summer humidity. Wash and condition less frequently to retain natural oils. Always apply styling products to dripping wet hair and let air dry or diffuse for best results. Carry mini styling products for on-the-go touch-ups.

Most importantly, be patient with your hair. Some frizz is unavoidable when humidity levels rise. Don’t stress over the little flyaways and frizzy bits – work your natural texture into your style. By embracing your hair’s natural tendencies and caring for your curls properly, you can master humidity and love your curly mane in any weather.