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Experts’ Ultimate Guide to Using Rose Water for Hair Growth

Rose water has certainly turned the heads of some dermatologists because of its benefits for the skin and hair. This potent liquid can be extracted at home by soaking rose petals in water like tea. 

Rose water, cultivated in Iran, contains vitamin C, which can provide anti-inflammatory properties.

It can also help revive the impacts of heat styling because rose water can add shine and strengthen the hair as you massage the liquid on the scalp to promote hair growth. Rose water has 10% to 50% rose oil which is responsible for this therapeutic effect.

Aside from its hair benefits, rose water has a strong floral scent which is calming and helps with stress. This capability can also help with hair growth since one of the causes of hair loss is stress.

Does Rose Water Make Hair Grow?

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Since rose water helps with scalp and hair health, it also aids in hair growth. Rose water has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties because it contains major compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, saponins, and triterpenoids.

“Rose water has antioxidant capabilities which can nourish scalp health, one of the contributors to hair growth. Keep in mind, however, that hair growth can still be influenced by genetics, hormones, and diet,” said PowerYourCurls resident trichologist Dr. Faisal Ahmed Hammadi.

“It has vitamins A, C, D, E, and B3, which are responsible for improving the health of skin and hair. Once rose water is placed directly into the scalp, the hair follicles will absorb the nutrients, which will allow hair growth,” added Dr. Hammadi.

Rose water’s antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients also help strengthen hair strands, which will reduce breakage and promote hair growth. 

“It will reduce hair fall, split ends, and breakage. This will improve the health of your hair and ultimately will promote hair growth,” PowerYourCurls hairstylist Gwenda Harmon pointed out.

Other rose water benefits include making hair look good because of its hydrating properties, and aromatherapy. It also has a similar pH level to human hair, which can maintain the health of the hair cuticle and prevent frizz.

“Women with curly hair can especially benefit from rose water because it can address frizzy hair and make hair shinier,” Harmon pointed out.

Another benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties can mitigate flare-ups and other symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. 

“It can also help with other types of hair conditions such as oily scalp and dandruff,” said Dr. Hammadi.

Is Rose Water Safe For Hair?

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However, rose water may not be safe for everyone since its ingredients can trigger someone’s allergies. 

“I recommend doing a patch test first because you may have a possible allergy or sensitivity to rose petals. You can also contact your healthcare provider before putting it on your hair for extreme scalp conditions such as dandruff or psoriasis,” said PowerYourCurls dermatologist Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed.

Another side effect is the overapplication of rose water, which can impact the scalp’s pH balance and have worse side effects.

“It is recommended to apply rose water two to three times a week,” said Harmon.

How Do You Use Rose Water On Your Hair

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There are different ways to take advantage of the nutrients that rose water has to offer.

According to Medical News Today, other types of rose water include rose oil and hydrosol extracts that may be safe for the hair. 

Rose oil is produced by distillation whilst hydrosol extract form of rose water is more affordable than oil.

When using rose water as a hair rinse, Harmon advised putting it on after washing your hair with shampoo.

“It will promote hair growth and keep your hair looking lively and healthy,” commented Harmon.

For example, Tgin’s Rose Water Frizz Free Hydrating Conditioner addresses dandruff and detangles strands.

“It can help promote hair growth whilst adding shine to your hair by preventing breakage because it detangles hair strands. One way is to wet the hair thoroughly and apply a sufficient amount to your hair and scalp. Rinse it well and add a shampoo if needed to get rid of excess buildup,” said Harmon.

The product is sustainable as it is free from sulfates, parabens, and harmful preservatives. It is also cruelty-free because it was not tested on animals.

Another way is through massage treatment by putting rose water on your scalp to help reduce irritation and inflammation, said Dr. Hammadi.

“Make sure to massage the rose water on your scalp to help encourage hair growth as well as add soothing treatment since rose water has a calming scent,” he pointed out.

“You can also put a few drops on cotton swabs and apply it to the scalp to reduce dandruff,” he added.

The third way is to use rose water as a leave-in conditioner, which will lock in moisture and support hydration.

“You can put it with aloe vera or other nourishing hair oil and apply it to the strands and leave it overnight,” said Dr. Hammadi. 

An example of this is Tgin’s Rose Water Hydrating Lotion, which is an ideal styling tool for low-porosity hair types. It hydrates and moisturises the hair whilst also adding volume. 

“This product can be perfect if your goal is to create smoother curls. It will also address frizzy curls without making your hair greasy,” said Harmon. 

“It is also the product for you if you need something to set your hair whilst using roller sets, braid outs, and twist outs,” added Harmon.

An alternative way is using it as a hair mist, which can be placed in a spray bottle. 

“You can spray it on your hair to keep it hydrated and refreshed. It is also convenient to bring when travelling,” said Harmon.

Dr. Hammadi also warned against using rose water with ethanol or other preservatives if you are buying in-store as it can affect hair health.

“Ethanol can make the hair dry and become frizzy because it can get rid of the natural oils,” said Dr. Hammadi.

Dr Hamdan Hamed Abdullah

Dr Hamdan Hamed Abdullah

Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed MBChB, co-founder of, is a UAE-based board-certified dermatologist. Committed to natural hair care, he's been quoted in MSN, Yahoo, The Mirror UK, Daily Mail UK, Chronicle Live, Gulf News, among others. He specializes in natural hair care, supporting individuals with a range of hair textures to achieve their hair goals