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Hairstylists Predict These Hair Looks in 2024, According to Data

The evolution of hairstyles continues over time, and as we enter 2024, more and more people are trying out bold and empowering hairdos. Hair trends are largely impacted by personal preferences, the emergence of new hair products and techniques, and cultural empowerment, and such influences persist.  The numbers also reflect the changing dynamics of the hair industry and how more people are mixing old hairdos with contemporary styles.  What do statistics say? Check the data below:

  • Global sales of hair care products are expected to reach US$93.74 billion by 2024. 
  • In 2023, the United States topped the hair care market revenue worldwide at $13.4 billion.
  • About 81% of women said they feel most confident when their hair looks great, and 71% said it empowers them.

So what are the hair looks predicted to dominate 2024? Let’s find out below:

Big Hair is Back

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Despite requiring the right hair care techniques and products, voluminous looks have increasingly become a trend. The comeback of big hairstyles, which the 1980s took pride in, is demonstrated in the increase in the sales of certain products. 

What do the numbers show?

In 2022, hair styling/setting mousse and gel sales were highest at more than one billion dollars. These products provide not just texture but also volume to the hair. 

A Tip From an Expert

“Try face-framing layers and short, soft layers to boost volume,” says Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist.

Big Hair Styles to Try

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  • Bouffant: Get your crown a rounded silhouette with this hairstyle.
  • Crimped Hair: Look fabulous in blending texture and zigzag patterns to your hair. 
  • Beehive: Get an Audrey Hepburn look by having a conical hairdo.

Braided Hairstyles Take Center Stage

Braided hairstyles are all over Instagram and other social media platforms and are set to dominate the year. This versatile and elegant hairdo is made even more stylish by incorporating elaborate designs and accessories like clips. 

Let Statistics Speak

The global leave-in conditioner market is predicted to reach $3.56 billion by 2033, an increase from $2.57 billion in 2023. It is worth mentioning that leave-in conditioner products are often used to make hair easy to detangle, making it excellent for braids. 

One Seasoned Advice

“Braid hair when it’s wet or damp, so you can catch all the loose ends inside the braid and form a really clean, sleek style.” –Patrick Melville, founder of Patrick Melville Salon

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  • Glossy Braid: You can make your glossy and polished hair even shinier with sparkly accessories.
  • French Braid: Look neat with a classic braid with diagonal braids.
  • Box Braids: Box braids are versatile and you can choose from knotless to curly goddess box braids.

The Return of Perms

Women’s wavy perms, popular in the 1980s, are becoming increasingly popular, especially with men. Perms provide a practical means of achieving those easy waves. The allure of beachy hair has captivated many. 

What Data Shows

Based on this data, the number of Americans using home hair permanents and relaxers was 10.38 million in 2020. However, projections indicate a slight decrease to 10.51 million by 2024.

A Technique from A Pro

“After perming your hair, you’ll need to wait three days before getting it wet.” – Sascha Breuer is a celebrity hairstylist. 

Exploring Perm Hairstyles

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  • Disheveled Layered Perm: If you want an ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ attitude, embrace the disheveled perm with messy wavy strands. 
  • Mohawk Perm: Get a double transformation with this daring style that magnifies a badass factor.
  • Super Defined Root Perm: Get loads of volume with these eye-catching and defined ringlet curls

Slicked Back Hair Makes a Statement

Slicked-back hairstyles are extremely versatile and are resorted to by men who want to look cool and sleek. This classic look is also popular among the chicest women in the world. 

Exploring the Numbers

In 2022, the size of the worldwide hair spray market was estimated to be worth USD 10.1 billion and is expected to increase to roughly USD 20.5 billion by 2030.  Hair sprays are essential for maintaining a slicked-back hairstyle.

An Expert Stylist Tip

“The greasier the hair, the flatter it will become and the quicker the slick look will become undone,” – Gregorio Ruggeri, owner and lead stylist at Salon Ruggeri in NYC.” So, start by shampooing it.”

Must-Try Slicked-Back Looks

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  • Slicked-Back Bun. A must-try for anyone who needs a wash and wants to conceal greasy hair with a clean aesthetic.
  • Slicked-Back Bob Ultra-chic hairstyle that ensures your hair is out of your face.
  • Slick Pixie Cut. This bold hairstyle can give you an entirely new look.

Velvet Hair

Transform your hair into luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk. With their lustrous shine and movement, they can elevate your look.

Highlighting The Statistics

In 2022, the global hair mask market was valued at $661.3 Million. Estimates reveal that it will surge to $876.2 Million by 2028. Hair masks offer a velvety-soft texture that exudes elegance and sophistication.

A Professional’s Insight

“Hair masks can be a beneficial choice, contingent upon your hair type and its processing.” -Michelle Henry, a dermatologist and the founder of Skin & Aesthetic Surgery Of Manhattan.

What’s In For Velvet Hair

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  • Velvet Waves: Create soft, flowing waves using a curling wand or hot rollers.
  • Velvet Chignon: Gather your hair into a low bun or chignon and twist it into a soft, textured style. 
  • Velvet Accessory: Add a velvet hair accessory, such as a velvet ribbon, headband, or scrunchie.

The data-driven predictions for hairstyles in 2024 underscores individuality and boldness. As trends continue to evolve, there is a notable shift towards self-expression, with individuals seeking unique styles that reflect their personality and identity. From vibrant colors to daring cuts, the forecast suggests a celebration of diversity and empowerment through hair styling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best products for my hair type (dry, oily, curly, etc.)?

  • Dry hair. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, or coconut oil. Consider leave-in conditioners or hair oils for added hydration and shine.
  • Oily hair. Try clarifying shampoos to remove excess oil and buildup. Use lightweight, volumizing conditioners to moisturize without weighing hair down. Dry shampoos absorb oil between washes.
  • Curly hair. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners made for curly or textured hair. Look for products with glycerin, jojoba oil, or avocado oil to define curls and reduce frizz. Try curl-enhancing creams or gels for moisture and hold without stiffness.

How do I choose the right hair color for my skin tone?

To choose the right hair color for your skin tone, first determine whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Opt for shades like golden blonde or coppery reds for warm undertones, while cool undertones pair well with ashy blonde or cool brown hues. Consider seeking professional advice to ensure the chosen color complements your skin tone and enhances your features effectively.

What are the hairstyles for busy mornings?

Photo from Unsplash
  • Sleek low bun or ponytail
  • Messy bun or ponytail
  • Quick braid
  • Half-up, half-down style
  • Top knot 
Gwenda Harmon

Gwenda Harmon

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