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5 Ways to Naturally Relax Your Hair Without Harming Losing Curls

At some point in our lives, the daily battle with frizz, volume, and styling has made us curly-haired folks think about giving hair relaxation treatments a go. But at the same time, we love our natural texture and don’t want to permanently compromise those curls, we just wanna make them more manageable.

I’ve been there too, frustrated with wild fuzz yet hesitant about harsh chemical straighteners. But what if I told you it is possible to have the best of both worlds? You can relax your hair without losing the curl pattern if you use the right natural hair-relaxing techniques.

What Is Hair Relaxing?

For the clueless souls who stumbled upon this article without knowing what hair relaxing in the first place:

Traditionally, “relaxing” hair has meant permanently altering the natural texture of curly hair through the application of heat and harsh chemical straighteners. Nothing about this process makes your hair and scalp feel relaxed.

It’s not much different from hair straightening per se and is not something meant for those of us with curly hair.

Traditional Relaxers Are Not Meant For Your Curly Hair

We’re talking about the mainstream hair relaxers here. It involves all those colorfully wrapped chemical straightening treatments you see in magazines and on YouTube. Hair and scalp horrors waiting to happen.

Most of these “relaxers” contain nasty ingredients like lye or ammonium thioglycolate. These caustic chemicals don’t just “relax” your curls – they break the bonds in your hair for straightening.

Once these bonds are broken, there’s no going back. Say hello to dry, brittle strands that feel like straw. Your once-vibrant color will fade to lackluster.

Traditional relaxers do seem like a quick fix for curly hair woes. But these harsh cocktails can wreak havoc on your luscious locks, leading to long-term damage or even irreversible changes to your texture.

And don’t even get me started on the safety risks. Burns, scalp irritation, shedding, thinning…no thanks! Relaxers should always be an absolute last resort for taming your curly locks. It’s just not worth the damage!

5 Natural and Non-Invasive Alternatives To Relax Your Hair without Losing The Bounce and Curl

Instead of getting carried away by the relaxing hype opt for more healthier and natural ways to loosen your coils without compromising your hair’s integrity.

We can call it “natural hair relaxing”! What’s in a name if it serves your purpose? Here are 5 natural and easy-to-follow alternatives to smoothen out your curls without losing the texture and bounce:

1. Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Keratin is already found in your hair, and treatments infuse extra to smooth and loosen curls. Brands like Brazilian Blowout make keratin treatments specifically for curly hair that can loosen and reduce frizz without straightening. They last 2-4 months.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses

ACV helps close the cuticle and seal in moisture, acting as a natural frizz fighter.

Mix 1 part ACV with 1-2 parts water and pour over hair after shampooing. Rinse out after 5-10 minutes for smoother curls.

3. Castor Oil Massages

Massaging dark castor oil into your scalp and lengths softens knots and loosens coils over time through its rich fatty acids. Focus on ends and wash out after 30 mins-1 hour for defined curls.

4. Baking Soda Scalp Scrubs

A gentle scalp exfoliation session with baking soda will help remove dead skin cells and clarify your follicles for bouncier curls.

Just mix 1 tbsp baking soda with water until it forms a paste, massage it into the scalp, and rinse. Say bye-bye to dirt, oils, and frizz-inducing gunk.

5. Avocado Hair Masks

Last but not least, repair those sad, frizzy, and brittle strands with avocado masks. The healthy fats found in Avocado seal your split ends and soften the texture of your coils. To get started, simply mash up 1 ripe avocado with 1 tbsp olive oil, softly smooth through strands, and let sit 30 mins before rinsing.

Keep It Natural

End of the day, your main goal is to be able to run your fingers through your bouncy curls without encountering any knots and tangles just like your straight-haired peers. I know right?

Chemical hair relaxants are a big nuh-uh in that case. What’s better for you is to focus on moisture, protein, and scalp health for hair that progressively relaxes its tight pattern over time, without ever reaching bone straight. With the right products and techniques, you can have relaxed curls that are beautiful, healthy, and uniquely you!

Gwenda Harmon

Gwenda Harmon

Gwenda Harmon, our esteemed hair stylist and resident beauty expert at Power Your Curls, boasts over a decade of experience. Her specialization lies in dispensing invaluable advice on hair care, styling, and beauty techniques. Frequently featured in reputable publications such as Yahoo!, VEGAMOUR, BestLife Online, and more, Gwenda is dedicated to helping individuals attain healthy, beautiful hair by sharing her wealth of knowledge in effective hair care practices.