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Our Top 10 Sulphate-Free Shampoos in 2023

When it comes to our hair, it’s always so important to get it clean. Even if it is only a couple times a week to once a week, using the right shampoo is a game-changer. That’s where sulphate-free shampoos come into play.

Check the ingredients list on your current shampoo of the week. Chances are you’ll see components such as SLES (sodium laureth sulphate) or SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). These are called sulphates. They are highly effective when cleansing your hair, but not always. They’re not the healthiest option, especially for dry and damaged hair. 

In this article, we will delve into our top 10 sulphate-free shampoos for your best hair day every day. Check out the following sulphate-free shampoos and see how much better they are for your hair! 

OGX Nourishing+ Coconut Milk Shampoo

Our first pick for the best sulphate-free shampoo has to be OGX Nourishing+ Coconut Milk Shampoo. It’s the shampoo for all hair types under the sun, from straight to tightly curled. 

From OGX’s own Nourishing+ Coconut Milk line, their sulphate-free shampoo is also paraben-free. Its hair care formula is gentle and creamy on the skin and hair. It’s infused with coconut oil, shea butter, and white peach, making your hair as soft and moisturised as possible. It even leaves a subtle fruity and buttery scent as it gives you 24-hour frizz control.

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Moisturizing Shampoo w/ Sea kelp & Argan Oil

If you want the powers of both argan oil and raw shea butter, then this should be your next purchase. Break the mould with the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Moisturizing Shampoo w/ Sea Kelp & Argan Oil.  This hydrating shampoo is completely sulphate-free. Particularly useful for over-processed and damaged hair, it locks moisture in every strand. Another shampoo you can also try is the SheaMoisture100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Shampoo w/ Coconut Milk & Acacia Senegal.

Dove Hair Therapy Rescue & Protect Shampoo

If your hair is prone to split ends and other breakages, check out the Dove Hair Therapy Rescue & Protect Shampoo. It’s not only sulphate-free. This shampoo also has 0% silicones. 

A shampoo like this is designed specifically to target hair breaks, strengthening internal bonds and sealing split ends. Instead of sulphates, it contains a combination of ceramides and peptides, nourishing each strand of hair at the cellular level. Get ready for smooth and healthy hair after just one wash.

Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash

For those dry curls and coils of yours, the Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash is the gentle cleanser for you. As the fruity scent wafts through your nose, the nutrients from the blueberries themselves give your hair a good boost. 

This shampoo’s rich and creamy formula includes vitamin C & B complex and proanthocyanidins. The vitamins promote proper blood circulation in the scalp while the proanthocyanidins encourage your hair follicles to grow.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture Shampoo

Get the intense moisture and shine treatment from the L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture Shampoo. Their EverPure Moisture System will surely give you what you need. 

This sulphate-free shampoo is also formaldehyde-free, talc-free, aluminium-free, dye-free, and paraben-free. Apart from being suitable for all hair types, it’s wonderful for colour-treated hair as well. It’ll help you keep your colour for as long as possible. The L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure sulphate-Free Volume Shampoo is a great alternative when you need a bit more oomph.

Aunt Jackie’s Aloe & Mint Recipes Lather Up Sulfate-Free Hair Moisturizing Shampoo Creme

Delicately clear away build-up with Aunt Jackie’s Aloe & Mint Recipes Lather Up Sulfate-Free Hair Moisturizing Shampoo Creme. It’s even mineral oil-free and petrolatum-free. 

Whatever your hair type might be, this creamy shampoo can get rid of any accumulated impurities. It’s due to the blend of apple cider vinegar and shea butter. Restore the much-needed moisture and nourishment with every wash.

Suave Smooth Performer Shampoo

We’re going back to basics with the Suave Smooth Performer Shampoo. Tame your frizzy hair in a pinch with its revolutionary hair care technology. 

Just as the name suggests, this sulphate-free shampoo smooths out your hair as it cleanses your locks. As it works on the core of your hair strands, your hair becomes manageable and frizz-free. Utilise the amino acid complex embedded with each drop of this shampoo.

Pantene Gold Series New Lengths Root Stimulating Shampoo

Never worry about your long tresses ever again with the Pantene Gold Series New Lengths Root Stimulating Shampoo. It could even help you get visibly longer and stronger hair.

This sulphate-free shampoo is the gold standard among other moisturising shampoos. It was developed specifically for curly hair. It’s also dye-free and paraben-free. Indulge in its refreshing green tea and apricot oil formula as it protects your hair against any damage.

Vatika Afro Naturals Shampoo

Are you having a hard time deciding which shampoo to try first? If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with the Vatika Afro Naturals Shampoo

This clarifying shampoo is completely sulphate-free. It works best on a range of curls and coils. With the addition of black soap, it gives your curls the right amount of moisture retention and protection. Let your natural curls shine with its simple yet powerful ingredients.

Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Shampoo Bar

Lower your consumption of plastic, and look good doing it, with the Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Shampoo Bar. The packaging itself is 100% plastic-free and recyclable. 

Just like a bar of soap, you wet and lather the bar on your hair. Since it has a fast rinse and easy lather formula, you won’t have any trouble using this product. Get up to 93% less damage with this simple sulphate-free shampoo in your arsenal.