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Pineappling: Your Go-To Hack for Frizz-Free Curly Hair before bedtime

If you’re a curly-haired queen struggling with frizz, tangles, and dehydrated curls after sleeping, the pineapple method could be your salvation for luscious, defined ringlets from dawn to dusk.

What is Pineappling?

In the curly hair world, “pineappling” refers to the technique of gathering all your curls on the very top of your head and optionally securing them with a satin or silk scrunchie. Pineappling is usually a part of the bedtime care routine for curlies.

This quirky name stems from the resemblance to the spiky leaves crowning a pineapple fruit, hence the name. While it may sound too simple to be effective, pineappling is a game-changing overnight styling method that has become a cult favorite among the curly community.

The biggest perk? Pineappling helps your curls retain their glorious pattern, bounce, and moisture through the night. No more waking up to a flattened, frizzy mess! By keeping your curls bundled securely on top of your head, you minimize friction against the pillowcase, preventing your precious ringlets from getting ruffled and deformed. I can’t emphasize enough how much this easy hack has revolutionized my curl game.

Why pineappling is so effective in combating nighttime curl frizz?

Pineappling isn’t just an aesthetic trend—there’s real science explaining why it works so well. When you sleep with your curls loose, they’re prone to flattening, tangling, and drying out from rubbing against the pillowcase fabric. Pineappling solves this by reducing damaging friction and allowing your curls to coexist in a compact, clump-preserving formation.

Additionally, the high-pineapple position ensures your curls remain hydrated throughout the night by minimizing the moisture-sapping effects of gravity and pillowcase absorption. Can you believe such a simple trick tackles two major curl nemeses—frizz and dryness—in one shot?

Learn How to Pineapple Your Curls in 5 Easy Steps

1. Start with Clean, Damp Hair

Like all good curly regimens, pineappling should begin with freshly washed, damp hair. After hopping out of the shower, gently blot excess water from your strands using an old cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. Having that residual moisture will help reactivate and reinforce your curl pattern later.

2. Apply Your Favorite Products

Now’s the time to slather on your go-to styling products—curl creams, gels, mousse, you name it. Make sure to distribute them evenly from roots to ends while your hair is still damp. This helps enhance curl formation and lock in that longed-for definition and hold. A personal favorite of mine is Flawless Pattern Perfect Pudding from Aunt Jackie’s Aloe & Mint Collections.

3. Gently Gather Your Curls

With the product fully applied, bend over at the waist and let your hair hang down. Use your hands to gently scoop and gather your curls upwards towards the top of your head, taking care not to disrupt their natural pattern. Imagine you’re cradling a delicate bundle of vines—this soft, coddling motion is key.

No matter how enticing it may seem, DO NOT use a comb or hard-bristled brush to gather your unruly curls. Just bundle them up enough to wrap the scrunchie around

4. Semi-plop with a Satin or Silk Scrunchie

Once all your curls are piled on top of your crown, grab a satin or silk scrunchie (avoid cotton, which can cause frizz), loosely secure the pineapple from all sides leaving the piled ponytail on top uncovered, and tie a gentle knot on one side above the ear.

All said and done your head should look like a pineapple with the ponytail sprouting on top like the pineapple spikes.

5. Sleep on a Satin/Silk Pillowcase

The final pineappling step? Swap out your pillowcase for a satin or silk version. These luxuriously smooth fabrics won’t cause your pineappled curls to rough up or get sapped of moisture overnight. If you’re a restless sleeper, you can reinforce your pineapple by lightly covering it with a silk or satin scarf.

Pro Tips for Perfecting the Pineapple

  • Refresh with a mini spritz: For extra hold and definition, mist your pineapple with a curl-reviving spray or refresher before bedtime.
  • Use a knee-high stocking: If scrunchies won’t stay put, slip your pineapple into the leg of a knee-high stocking. It’ll gently grip your curls while allowing movement.
  • Sleep on a satin bonnet: Can’t find a silk pillowcase? A satin bonnet makes a great pineapple-protecting alternative.

Rookie Pineappling Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t tie it too tight: A strangulated pineapple = curls flattened from the tension. Keep it loose and comfy. You want the pineapple to feel like a soft, stretchy enclosure around your sides rather than a stiff, restrictive helmet.
  • Skipping stylers: Trying to pineapple with zero product is a recipe for frizz central. Always start with some curl-defining cream or gel. Getting a pre-bedtime shower can enhance the effectiveness of pineappling even more by leaving more moisture within your locks to be pineappled.
  • Using damaging elastics: Skip the hairbands. Only use soft, gentle scrunchies made from silk or satin.

Does Pineappling work for All Curl Types?

While pineappling benefits virtually all curl patterns, you may need to tweak the process to suit your unique texture. For instance, those with looser wave patterns may prefer pineappling in multiple sections rather than one bundle to avoid over-stretching and elongating their waves.

On the other hand, beauties rocking super tight coils may find a loose ponytail holder works better than a scrunchie for keeping their pineapple secure without the risk of indenting or flattening sections. Listen to your unique curl needs!

Variations to spice up your Pineapple Routine

While the standard sky-high ponytail is pineappling’s most popular form, it’s not the only game in town. You can experiment with different pineappling formations to mix up your curl styling:

  • The side pineapple: For a deep side part, gather your curls over one ear and pineapple to the side instead of the top.
  • The double pineapple: Split your mane in two and create two pineapple ponies, one on each side of your head.
  • The mini pineapples: Instead of one large bundle, make several smaller pineapple clusters around your head. This is best suited for type 2 waves.

How Often Should You Pineapple?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as pineappling frequency depends on your curl pattern, dryness level, and day-to-day activities. Many curlies make pineappling a nightly ritual. But if your hair tends to get overly stretched out, you may prefer alternating pineapple and loose hair nights.

I typically pineapple 5-6 times per week for optimal curl rejuvenation.

Embrace the Pineapple, Ditch the Frizz Forever!

By now, you’ve got the full download on this curly girl-approved technique. So tonight, take five minutes to build your best pineapple yet—I promise your future morning self will wake up with a radiant smile.

And if you’re still on the pineappling fence? Let me leave you with a personal testimony. Three years ago, I was ready to give up on my 3B curls, which seemed perpetually dry, tangled, and formless no matter what products I used. But when I finally caved and started pineappling nightly, my hair transcended to a glorious new dimension of defined, springy, frizz-free curls. I’ve been a devoted pineappler ever since!

Gwenda Harmon

Gwenda Harmon

Gwenda Harmon, our esteemed hair stylist and resident beauty expert at Power Your Curls, boasts over a decade of experience. Her specialization lies in dispensing invaluable advice on hair care, styling, and beauty techniques. Frequently featured in reputable publications such as Yahoo!, VEGAMOUR, BestLife Online, and more, Gwenda is dedicated to helping individuals attain healthy, beautiful hair by sharing her wealth of knowledge in effective hair care practices.