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Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curl Elongating Gel

AED 49.95

Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curl Elongating Gel

AED 49.95

Sofnfree Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curl Elongating Gel – 325 ml / 10.99 fl. oz.

Active Ingredients: Flaxseed oil, Rosewater


  • Defies shrinkage and elongates your curls
  • Nourishing formulation that moisturizes
  • Light-weight, non-sticky formula
  • Creates juicy twists
  • Flexible hold with a soft touchable hold

Say hello to beautifully elongated curls with this Flaxseed and Rosewater Elongating Curl Gel. Designed specifically for curly and coily hair types, our lightweight and non-sticky formula nourishes your curls while providing definition, hold, and shine. Infused with the power of flaxseed and rosewater, this gel helps to reduce shrinkage, promote hair growth, and enhance natural curl patterns. Our formulation is free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens, making it perfect for those with sensitive scalps or seeking a more natural hair care routine.

Want to add hold to your twist-out? Then the curl elongating gel will leave you with juicy defined twists, that are soft to the touch.

A favorite for wash-and-go’s our Curl Elongation gel has a flake-free formulation that leaves, your curls defined, juicy, and bouncy.

How to Use:

For best results, apply a small amount of gel to your wet or damp hair, section by section, and scrunch or smooth with your fingers to define and elongate your curls. Allow your hair to air dry or diffuse on low heat for more volume and bounce. Alternatively use the shingling method to define your curls and coily hair. Use the Curl Elongation Gel to set your braid or twists out.


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