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Kuza Jamaican Black Castor Oil Skin & Hair Treatment Indian Hemp Oil

AED 34.95

Kuza Jamaican Black Castor Oil Skin & Hair Treatment Indian Hemp Oil

AED 34.95

Kuza Jamaican Black Castor Oil Skin & Hair Treatment Indian Hemp Oil – 118 ml / 4 fl. Oz. 


There are some great benefits to using Kuza® Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This product is 100% pure and a top seller when it comes to bringing beautiful shine and soft moisture to your hair and skin. 

Since it works for everyone and isn’t just for hair, you can use it every day with confidence. The naturally derived oil is created using a traditional Jamaican processing technique, so you can feel confident that you’re getting all the benefits of quality castor bean oil. 

Quality processing helps seal in all the essential oils and nutrients of the castor bean, so they make their way to you. That means you’ll get amazing value and benefits, including a product that:

  • Rejuvenates & replenishes your hair and skin, for a soft feel and healthy shine.
  • Moisturizes, thickens, and strengthens your hair, reducing hair breakage and a dry, itchy scalp.
  • Works for everyone who wants to use it, on both hair and skin.
  • You can use on your hair, scalp, and skin every day to keep it looking great.

Active Ingredients Castor Seed Oil, Indian Hemp Herb Oil 

Castor seed oil offers important benefits for skin and hair, with fatty acids that help to prevent water loss. That holds moisture in the skin, and can relieve dryness, promote better skin health, and soothe inflammation. It also helps keep hair moisturized, soft, and shiny. 

Indian hemp herb oil is great for strengthening and rebuilding hair, and is also  soothing to your skin and scalp. It repairs, protects, and restores to improve hair growth, and can be used for hot oil treatments, too. 

We want to make sure we’re using only the best, to give you the quality and value you deserve. Learn more about Kuza®’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

Rejuvenates, replenishes, moisturizes, thickens and strengthens hair, helping to prevent hair breakage and dry and itchy scalp. Works for everyone. Not just for hair, it will also condition, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Kuza® Jamaican Black Castor Oil comes from Jamaican castor beans which are roasted, ground, and boiled to produce 100% pure, unrefined oils, retaining their nutritive properties.

We recommend shampooing and conditioning with Kuza® Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (it’s moisture enriched and sulfate free).

How To Use

To use this great Jamaican Black Castor Oil Indian Hemp from Kuza®, apply a small amount of it onto your scalp and roots. You don’t need to use a lot, so your product will last a long time.

Once you’ve applied it, use your fingertips to massage it into your scalp. Use a gentle motion to get it all in place. There’s no need to rinse it out.

Then just style your hair the way you normally would. This is also a great product for hot oil treatments, along with skin care treatments and even massages.


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