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Lavender Fresh Cleanse Cleanser

AED 74.95

Lavender Fresh Cleanse Cleanser

AED 74.95

Camille Rose Lavender Fresh Cleanse Detangling & Moisturizing Cleanser – 8 oz.

Active Ingredients: 

  • Apple Cider contains cleansing antimicrobial properties that naturally cleanse the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, and balance the pH of hair.
  • Arnica Flower rejuvenates scalp and strengthens hair follicles to prevent premature hair breakage or hair loss.

A detangling and moisturizing hair cleanser infused with real lavender oil to soften and detangle natural hair. 

Freshen your hair texture with Fresh Cleanse. Our detangling and moisturizing hair cleanser blends clarifying apple cider extract with blossomed arnica flower to cleanse curls without stripping hair of its natural moisture.

How to Use: 

Drench damaged hair strands in the shower and apply throughout the length of hair. For thicker textures or dry hair, section first before applying to ensure every hair shaft is penetrated. Using fingers or palms, massage to emulsify with water until hair is clean. Follow with our coconut water hair treatment and leave-in detangler for the ultimate hair repair routine.


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