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ORS Lock & Twist Gel

AED 77.00

ORS Lock & Twist Gel

AED 77.00

ORS Lock & Twist Gel – 13 oz. / 368 grams

Pre-mixed Creme Hair Gel Formula Combines Moisture & Hold for Locks and Twists.

  • Results in twists with a fabulous shine and hold
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky build-up that is often found with beeswax
  • It doesn’t dry out the hair
  • It doesn’t cause excessive flaking
  • It adds moisture to the hair

Active Ingredients: Coconut Oil 

  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty free

ORS Lock & Twist Gel 56 oz gives natural hold, while adding moisture and shine to the hair. ORS™ Lock and Twist Gel™ is different from other gels on the market because it does not contain alcohol or sodium hydroxide (lye). 


How To Use

To comb twist, free hand twist, or double strand twist: begin by shampooing hair with ORS Uplifting Shampoo, then condition with ORS Hair Mayonnaise conditioning treatment. Section hair and apply ORS Lock & Twist Gel to the sections. Twist the hair with a comb or fingers. For best results, set the twists under a warm dryer


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